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BASIC TEACHING CERTIFICATION (Level 1) (corresponds to Workbook 1)

Soundpainting Certification certifies an educator to teach the basic 43 Soundpainting gestures in any education setting. To obtain this certificate, an applicant must possess a working knowledge of the basic 43 Soundpainting gestures (the same gestures contained in Soundpainting Workbook 1). Each applicant must attain the ability to teach the defaults and parameters of each gesture, an understanding of the Soundpainting syntax, to give proficient aural demonstrations of each gesture, and the clarity of signing each gesture physically.

Note: this level of certification can be attained in multiple disciplines.

The below Soundpainters have been certified by Walter Thompson to teach Soundpainting in an educational setting. Soundpainting Certification is solely authorized by Walter Thompson.

Certified Soundpainters  Level 1

Ketil Dukert – Copenhagen, Denmark -music
Gustav Rasmussen – Copenhagen, Denmark – music
Jennifer Rahfeldt – Helsingborg, Sweden – multidisciplinary
Thor Hauknes – Oslo, Norway – music
Sabine Vogel – Berlin, Germany – music
Francois Jeanneau – Paris, France – multidisciplinary
Vincent Le Quang –Paris/Lille, France – music
Angelique Cormier – Tours, France – multidisciplinary
Yann Kaddachi – Orleans, France – music
Simon Courtier  music – Orleans, France – music
Sylvain Mazens – France – music
Xavier Pacqueteau, France – music
Christophe Cagnolari – Paris, France – multidisciplinary
Christophe Mangou– Paris, France – multidisciplinary
Etienne Rolin – Bordeaux, France – multidisciplinary
Alban de la Blanchardiere – France – Dance
David Carion – Marseille, France – music
Sarah Weaver – New York, USA – multidisciplinary
Evan Mazunik– New York, USA – multidisciplinary
Rachel Marie Gaspar – Kalamazoo, MI – music
Augustin de Bellefroid – Belgium –  music
Tomi Tsunoda  – New York, USA – theatre
Mark  Lindberg – New York, USA – theatre
Nicole Poole  – New York, USA – theatre
Leese Walker  – New York, USA – theatre
Eric Le Louvier – France – music
Eric Chapelle – Clermont Ferrand, France – multidisciplinary
Deniz Fisek  – Paris, France, Istanbul, Turkey – music
Christian Pincock – New Mexico, USA – music
Magnus Jochumsen – Denmark –  music
Gil Selinger – New York, USA – music
Tristan Mace – Paris, France – music
Jeannot Salvatori – Paris, France – musie
Sonja Kjorkman –Helsinki, Finland – music
Jerome Bardeau – France – theatre
Christian Brandjes – Buffalo, New York USA – theatre
Bruno Faria – Juiz de Fora, Brazil – music
Oscar Vidal – Valencia, Spain – music
Damien Robillot – France – music