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Angélique Cormier


Soundpainter, compositor, singer, keyboard and accordion player.
Angélique started playing the piano at age 10.  At the same time as her classical training, she sang for 7 years in the choir, Mikrokosmos, where she discovered contemporary and experimental music (live-soundtrack of “Metropolis”-Fritz lang, tours in France and Europe, creation’s residence in la Cité de la Musique, Paris). Then, during her university training in Tours (Musicology then CFMI-Training centre of musicians teachers), she explored various musical languages, both traditional and improvisational (workshops with Bernard Lubat, André Minvielle, Christophe Hiriart, Daïnouri Choque). Once she obtained DUMI (university certification for music teachers), she taught in a lot of different structures (music school, schools, university in Tours).  She trained herself to play the accordion, and she performed and composed for several multidisciplinary projects (songs, experimental rock, traditional and improvised music).  After a Soundpainting workshop with V.Le Quang in 2005, she was trained by Walter Thompson during the Think Tanks in Woodstock, Hoganas, and Tours. Now she works with the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra, which she created in 2006; the TSO is comprised of about 20 artists.  She works with mixing original composition and soundpainting.  The TSO is working on a new multidisciplinary creation, “Meet-Myth”, for April 2009.  Passionate about teaching, sharing ideas and art, she works with a lot of different kinds of people (Music conservatory in Tours and Annecy, Mikrokosmos choir, university, schools, young children, festivals, marocco-france project).  She also works with the Compagnie du coin, as a composer and Soundpainter for projects involving amateurs (composer and Soundpainter for “Noïcatum”, composed for choir, orchestra, street organ and machines, December 2008). Lastly, she is working on a duo with Cyril Solnais, “M.and Mrs Cooper”, for a show in 2009-2010.